CashBeez - Frequently Asked Questions

How to start

Q: Why should I use CashBeez?
A: You can use it in order to earn credits by using free apps from our sponsors or sharing the stories/articles with your friends or referring friends to earn more credits and use these earned credits for various services offered by us. You will be able to earn real money and/or make social media activity absolutely free without spending your own money. This is bilateral process, which helps our sponsors to promote their new interesting apps and you to earn from your interest and loyalty.

Q: Who can use CashBeez?
A: You can use CashBeez app if your device has the necessary requirements: Android 2.3 and higher, verified Facebook or Google account. You will also require mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection to use the app.

Q: How to earn credits from CashBeez?
A: Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Google Playstore & search for CashBeez Android App.
  • Download CashBeez Andriod App.
  • Install and Open on your device.
  • Register using mobile number, email & CashBeez Referral Code (If available)
  • Confirm and Verify your mobile number through OTP (One Time Password)
  • Now install apps from CashBeez task lists (Updated daily) to start getting credits into your wallet.
  • You will receive app install bonus immediately into your wallet (If you follow the instructions as mentioned on every app carefully)
  • Now you can refer and earn more credits.
  • Finally go to your wallet and redeem your credits as per your wish.
(Remember Actual Redemption of credits takes 45 days to materialize, since we receive credits from our sponsors during this period only. A Minimum of Rs. 750/- is required for you to withdraw from your wallet into your bank account. Wallet deductions would be applicable as per existing TDS rates and other banking charges).

How to Sign In

Q: Do I need a verified Facebook account?
A: CashBeez app does not cooperate with bots. To avoid bots access to our app we use Facebook ID to find out whether you are a person or a bot. Your Facebook ID is your personal information, which we cannot and will not use in any case. While connecting our app to your social network account, you will provide us only with basic information from it. You have the right to disconnect your account any time you want. But this will cause you to lose access to our app.

Apps and Referals

Q: What should I do in case of not receiving the credits from the sponsor’s apps?
A: We are very sorry you are having difficulty in getting your free credits! This happens very rarely and there could be a couple of potential reasons for this:

  • You will get your credits after you Download and Start the apps from our sponsors. If you did everything correctly and did not receive your credits, our support team will help you to solve your situation as soon as possible. Please be sure to follow all rules in order to get your credits in time.
  • Always select the app from the list of CashBeez sponsors before you download one. You would have not received confirmation from the Advertiser. Only if the advertiser confirms you will get your app reward.
  • Always use the app after download. Just download is not enough.
  • You have the right to get credits only for the first download of the app. So be sure you download it for the first time. If you would have already downloaded this particular app before then you might not get the credit from our sponsors since you are already registered with them.
  • Credits cannot come to you in a minute after your download. Sometimes you have to use it in order to get to the next level and to get access to your credits. Every app has its own rules according to the accrued credits. One must read the description of the app carefully before the download.
  • Technical reasons may cause the credit delay. Please, be sure to check your social network accounts in order to avoid any discrepancy.
Also note that sometimes it takes longer to get confirmation from our sponsored apps to verify your installation. If you don't receive the money in your wallet, please check back after 30 minutes. If you still did not receive the money, please report it to us using the FEEDBACK option in the top left menu of the app. Make sure to check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for any information about system issues.

Q: I kept my app for the required no of days, but still didn't get my reward for keeping it. Why?
A: It's unfortunate that you didn't receive your reward. In order to track how long you kept your app, you need to OPEN CashBeez ATLEAST ONCE every day. So make sure you visit CashBeez every day to get your additional reward.

Q: What to do if I cannot open downloaded app on my smartphone?
A: Some apps are not compatible with certain devices. In such case you will not be able to use the app and not get credits. But you always can download another app and get new credits.

Q: How is this possible? How are you able to offer free credits?
A: If you are wondering how we are able to give away money, it's very simple. We simply give a part of a company's ad budgets in the form of free rewards/ credits to our consumers in return for performing simple tasks for the company like checking out ads, installing apps, sharing stories, etc.

Sharing app

Q: How to invite my friends & earn?
A: Invite your friends and earn credits by
Going to Invite & Earn section & sharing your referral ID with friends.
Earn more by sharing on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter & all other social apps. When your friends join, you start earning money.

Q: I invited my friends but don't see any increase in my wallet earnings, why?
A: You can earn unlimited Credits by inviting friends, just make sure:
Your friend has used only your referral ID while registering for CashBeez App.
Your friends also need to download a minimum of 5 or more apps successfully from CashBeez in order for you to get referral credits. * Amount for invite program changes frequently.

General Questions

Q: How to transfer my app with all credits to the new device?
A: The process is very simple. You only have to sign in to your account from the new device.

Q: How often can I download new apps?
A: We always provide our users with large amount of apps, but we are not responsible for their appearance as it is the responsibility of the sponsors. Stay in touch with our latest updates by following us on the social networks or updates on your app.

Q: I followed all the steps mentioned above and still haven’t received my referral reward. What do I do?
A: Please go to CashBeez menu – Use claim reward option. You will get to know the status of your referral reward.

Q: How long would it take to receive my credits in my bank account after withdrawal from the App?
A: It would usually take 3 working days for credits to reflect in your bank account.

Q: How can I use the credits earned from my wallet?
A: The credits that you earn by completing tasks in CashBeez App can be redeemed in the following manner:
Purchase of products from various options given in the CashBeez App like various e-commerce portals like Snapdeal, Flipkart or Amazon, etc.

  • Moral Product Purchase from the App.
  • Transfer to your bank account.
  • Recharges / Hotel bookings.
  • Purchase of Gift coupons from 300+ brands.